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QSS-37HD Series

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  • The QSS-37HD offers unparalleled resolution and quality, producing 12 bit prints at an amazing 640 dpi.

    As customers nowadays has moved onto higher resolution cameras, the QSS-37HD series is developed and manufactured to offer the highest quality digital photo printing to match with such demands.

    With Noritsu EZ-Controller software, raw camera image data is now supported and with Noritsu's award winning AccuSmart imaging algorithms, the printing quality will amazed the customers.

    Available in five different system configurations, the QSS-37HD series has the versatility to fit any labs needs. From the 3701HD, capable of printing up to 900 4x6 prints / hour, to the 3705HD, printing up to a blazing 2,360 4x6 prints / hour, the QSS 37HD series has your needs covered.

    High Resolution Silver Halide Printers

    - State-of-the-art laser engine

    - 640 dpi, 12-bit processing

    - An amazing 79 million pixels for A3 size photos

    - Sharp portrayal of fine details and smooth gradations

    High Capacity / Versatility

    - Engineered for speed and quality

    - Multiple models are available to choose that meets the printing capacities

    - Up to 2,360 prints/hr (with the QSS-3705HD)

    - A wide variety of print sizes up to 305 x 914mm (12"x 36")

    - Dual magazine system across QSS-37HD series

    Enhanced Efficiency

    - The space saving design provides a more versatile layout

    - Design to cater chain photographic stores, photo studios and pro-labs

    - Up to 4 paper magazines can be loaded with the Quad magazine system (option)

    - 12-tray order sorter

    - Auto daily setup with the colorimeter unit

    - Consistently check chemistry condition with Control Strip Auto Loading Unit (option)

    - Reading printer information and conditions with the help of Display Module (option)

    - Support printing from high-speed film scanners, picture kiosks, and network*

    *Noritsu EZ Controller software is required